Pink Floyd

Pressestimmen aus London

“Blockbuster exhibition” – Evening Standard

“Almost as good as seeing the band live” – Sunday Mirror

“I could have spent the whole day in this early part of the show” – Financial Times

“Their Mortal Remains certainly does not lack for ambition… Imaginatively conceived, fascinatingly curated, beautifully designed and stunningly realised, the Pink Floyd exhibition is something of an audio-visual tour de force” – The Telegraph

“The inclusion of installations like [the hologram DSOTM prism] makes Their Mortal Remains not just an interesting exhibition, but an affecting one too.” – The Times

“There’s something touching about the way the exhibition concludes with footage of the quartet’s solitary reunion, at Live 8 in 2005.” – The Guardian

Pink Floyd

Pressestimmen aus Rom

"Fantastic exhibition, which allows both those who love the band and to those who only know it by chance, to discover their universe, to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience that allows you to travel through time." – La Repubblica

"The beauty and the spectacular nature of the journey are extremely engaging." – La Repubblica

"More than an exhibition, an immersive experience." – Corriere della Sera

"A sensory orgy ... not just for fans, because it celebrates great intuitions of the pre-digital age, technological experimentation, sound evolution." – Il Messaggero